Blog: top 5 local summer hangouts

Matt Ziegler & Andrew Condrin

Top 5 Local Summer Hangouts

Summer can be very boring for a student if he doesn’t plan ahead, but these fun five locations are some awesome local places to hang out with your friends.

#5 Sacramento Republic Games: Watching a Sacramento Republic soccer game with family or friends is a fun way to support a local sports team and have a great time. Sac Republic offers souvenirs and clothing at gift shops so that fans can show their love for the team.

#4 Raley Field: Spending a couple hours at Raley Field can be a really fun place to go because one can watch the local minor league baseball team play, the Rivercats. You may even catch a homerun ball! After the game, fans can run the bases and on some nights camp out and sleep on the field.

#3 Movie Theaters: Seeing a movie with a good friend is an awesome way to spend your summer vacation. There are some great movies that have been recently released such as Jurassic World, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Max.

#2 SunSplash: Spending a whole day at SunSplash with friends is a great way to spend your summer-especially since it is so hot here in Sacramento. There are many water rides and other fun things to do there.

#1 The American River: The American River would be the best place to go to because it is really hot outside, and people can go swimming there.There are a lot of fun things to do there. For example, river-goers can visit Goose Poop Island where they can play wiffle ball and football. There are also a lot of safe rope swings by the river.