Working hard to overcome

Since he was young, Mr. Michael Mellor ’16 has always had a love for soccer.

“Ever since I was born I’ve just played soccer,” Mr. Mellor said.

When determining which high school to attend, Jesuit High School’s soccer team was Mr. Mellor’s deciding factor.

“We have a really good team and a really good coach,” Mr. Mellor said. “I came to the decision because I wanted to be apart of a winning experience.”

During the summer, Mr. Mellor tore his ACL, potentially affecting his future in soccer.

“It’s crushing because I’ll be out up to a year. It’s a really important year if I want to play college soccer,” Mr. Mellor said. “Basically I feel like my dreams are crushed.”

After he recovers from his ACL injury, Mr. Mellor wishes to be better than he was last year by working hard with the team.

“[I want to] get back to what I was doing before and strive to do better,” Mr. Mellor said. “[I am] hoping that we win a section title, maybe national championship,”

Mr. Mellor is working hard to overcome his injury and end his high school career with success.