Transitioning from land to water

Josh Chou and Conner Bunker

Failing to make the Jesuit High School basketball team didn’t stop Mr. Jordan Morehead ‘17 from having an amazing sophomore year.

Mr. Morehead had originally planned to use water polo as a way to train for the basketball season, but after being cut from the basketball team, he decided to take up water polo as a full time sport. He quickly learned that he enjoyed water polo.

“I feel like my role on the team has been pretty good, and I’m excited to play for the varsity team,” Mr. Morehead said.

Mr. Morehead plays in offensive positions, usually the center position, but he will sometimes switch to the one-two perimeter position. His role as the center is to run most of the offensive plays.

“It was a great feeling at the beginning of my sophomore season when we beat Davis in an early tournament,” Mr. Morehead said.

Mr. Morehead will be playing with the varsity team this upcoming year, but he is still unsure about playing in college. However, this year will be his Junior year, so he has some time to think about it.

“If the opportunity arises for me to play in college, I feel like I would,” Mr. Morehead said.

Even though it wasn’t  his first choice, Mr. Morehead had found a passion for water polo and does not regret taking it up as a full-time sport.