Helping pave the path to improvement

Cian Hale and Tycho Spelis

For Mr. Michael Wood ‘99, returning to Jesuit High School is all about growth.

Mr. Wood is replacing Mrs. Lorraine Paul as principal of Jesuit. He may not have been a principal  before, but he has had experience as a leader in a Jesuit high school.

“This is my first role as principal; however, I have had many years of administrative experience at the high school level,” said Mr. Wood.

Mr. Wood is passionate about Jesuit and is glad to be back and help the school’s community further their drive into the future in any way he can.

“A school like Jesuit is never satisfied being where it is. [Jesuit is] a place that always wants to get better, and I’m going to support the people in doing that,” Mr. Wood said.

Mr. Wood is going to make Jesuit a better place and help the school flourish in many ways.

“My hope is that I can help lead the school to continue improving itself, to serve the mission of the school, and to give our students the best possible experience,” Mr. Wood said.

Mr. Wood is coming back to Jesuit to rediscover his great experiences here and help support the high school.

“I’ve been working somewhere else, so to rediscover what this place is all about and the amazing things that it does-I’m excited to do that,” Mr. Wood said.

Mr. Wood would like to help the school exceed expectations in any way he can, whether that means helping the teachers and the students to the best of his ability.