Running the stress away

Charlie Hurley and JD Sedar

For Jesuit High School`s Assistant Cross Country Coach Mr. David Zielke, success for next year’s cross country team will come as a result of training hard.

“Cross country, probably more than any other sport, rewards hard work,” Mr. Zielke said. “It’s a great sport.” 

Cross country is a challenging sport that requires lots of persistence and sheer determination.

“At the end of the day when I’m mad at something, I can just run and it feels really good,” said Cross Country Runner and Academics Plus Counselor Mr. Matt Sickman ‘16.

A lot of  runners at Jesuit run for fun and to get rid of anger and stress.

“Running has changed who I have become,” Mr. Sickman said.  “Its a huge stress reliever honestly.”

Student athletes won’t be able to relieve their stress through running if they never try cross country.

“A lot of guys have no clue to what cross country is…but once they get past the initial getting into shape, they enjoy it,” Mr. Zielke said.

One benefit offered by cross country is the opportunity to hang out with your friends and to make new ones.

“I just enjoy hanging out with the guys who are runners,” Mr. Sickman said. “It is a team of people trying something new.”

Cross country is a sport that rewards hard work, but that doesn’t mean runners can’t find friends and relaxation in the sport.