Bonding with baseball

Baseball isn’t just a game for Academics Plus counselor Mr. Jake Vassar ‘17; it is a chance to grow in brotherhood.

Throughout his time at Jesuit High School, Mr.Vassar has deepened his brotherhood with his fellow teammates as he played outfield for the school’s baseball team. At the beginning of his Junior Varsity season, the team suffered a long losing streak, but was fortunately able to break it mid-season.

“At the beginning we were trying to group ourselves together, it was kind of tough for us,” said Mr. Vassar, “but as the season progressed, we started coming together as a team and we started winning again.”

Besides playing for the baseball team, Mr.Vassar has made connections throughout his time at Jesuit, especially while playing baseball.

“My friend Max has been in my Jesuit life the whole time I’ve been here, since the beginning of freshman year. Just building those connections and the brothers I have right now, that’s probably the best thing about Jesuit,” Mr. Vassar said.

Mr.Vassar made the Freshmen and Junior Varsity teams by trying hard and believing in himself.

“You don’t want to have any regrets, so follow your dreams. Don’t give up, just keep going,” Mr.Vassar said.

Mr. Vassar has a deep passion for baseball, and through playing baseball he has made new friendships and learned to work hard.