Creating a new athletic image


Courtesy of Jesuit Communications


The Hanson McClain Advisors Stadium will have a big impact on athletics at Jesuit High School.

The new stadium will provide a better experience for the athletes and the spectators during sports games.

“It will be a much safer facility for the athletes to play on because of the way it’s been designed… Also, the seating is better, the bathrooms are better, and there’s a big new scoreboard [that will] increase experience [for everyone],” says President of Jesuit High School Father David Suwalsky S.J.

Jesuit is getting rid of natural grass in the stadium because it gets torn up throughout the sports seasons due to the number of teams that use the field. Most artificial turf surfaces increase the temperature of the playing field; however, Jesuit is installing a durable artificial turf that does not raise temperature as significantly.

“Using turf allows teams to play year round and it will stay in good condition. [The new field is] not going to be warmer than typical turf. The field is a different type of turf and is not as chunky as normal turf [which will make it] at least 20 degrees cooler than the normal turf,” Fr. Suwalsky said.

While the stadium will hold the same amount of people (2,800), there will still be more room for teams to play because the longer new track allowed the field to be bigger, too.

The new stadium is a great addition to Jesuit for both team play and fan comfort.