Finding a balance between school and fun

For Mr. Jordan Morehead ‘17, success is all about balance.

During Mr. Morehead’s sophomore year, he had to split time between water polo and his high school academics to be a successful student. He was able to succeed because he learned to manage his time well between his academics and activities.

“Recently I have been able to figure out how to rearrange my time and be the most efficient: [like] maybe getting to school early to complete work early,” said Mr. Morehead.

Jesuit has helped Mr. Morehead prepare for any sort of challenge that he might come across, such as his schedule.

“Jesuit prepares you to be able to balance your schedule along with anything else that you want to do,” Mr. Morehead said.

Although Mr. Morehead has learned to balance his schedule on his own, he has also had help from Jesuit’s Counseling Department staff.

“The counseling staff at Jesuit is fantastic for helping me schedule my classes and being able talk to me about figuring [out] how to rearrange all of my commitments,” Mr. Morehead said.

Mr. Morehead works hard to make sure he can stabilize his commitments and do the best that he can at Jesuit. He uses his knowledge of academics and athletic skills to balance all of his devotions.

“Jesuit has been a fantastic experience and I can’t ask for anything more,” Mr. Morehead said.