The camp that adds the plus

Cody DePeel and Connor Vallero

The Academics Plus program at Jesuit High School assures young men that learning can be fun.

Academics Plus helps campers practice their social and athletic skills, such as cheering on your team and playing sports. It promises young men that Jesuit is the place for them.

“We want you to learn how to do some things outside of the classroom, [with] opportunities like teamwork, leadership, and working together with another group. Those opportunities are out there [at Academics Plus], when you are on the field during activities such as playing soccer, flag football, or basketball,” said Mr. Joshua Palone, director of admissions and director of the Academics Plus camp.

Academics Plus has other “plus” activities, too, not just sports.  A new addition to the program is the game room.

“So maybe not everyone likes football, soccer and basketball.  We’re still doing some other fun things, like the game room, which is brand new for this year.  We got ping pong tables [and] air hockey tables in there for [campers] to relax and have some fun,” Mr. Palone said.

Besides the academic classes currently at Academics Plus, the heads of the program hope to add electives classes in the future as well.

“I would want to add an opportunity for guys to try some different things, kind of like an elective class.  Some guys might want to do robotics or astronomy. It would be cool if guys could get to choose their subject for one class,” Mr. Palone said.

Academics Plus is a place for all young men to come and have some fun.  The camp gives campers an insight to what life is like at Jesuit, and anyone entering grades 5-8 is welcome to attend.