More than punishment

Henry Roe and Nicholas Wall

Discipline at Jesuit High School is more than punishment.

Dean of Students, Mr. Tim Warren ‘70, spends almost every day dealing with discipline at Jesuit. He believes that discipline can help students in their future and in their educational growth.

“At Jesuit we have the ability to cite Catholic values and use language not used in secular schools,” said Mr. Warren.

Discipline is also about learning from your mistakes. Jesuit’s goal is to make sure students don’t make the same mistake twice, helping them to make better, healthier decisions

“At Jesuit [we] don’t just hammer a guy without adding an educational or religious component,”  Mr. Warren said. “Being disciplined is part of being organized and mature.”

To be successful in any job, an employee must be organized and mature. If someone is unable to do that, students must be responsible for their behavior.

“Jesuit holds people accountable for their behavior,” Mr. Warren said.

Having discipline is a key factor to be extremely successful. As Mr. Warren said, “having discipline is part of being organized and mature.”