Dedication to preparation

Jason Nguyen and Gian Papio

For Jesuit High School’s cross country team, success will emerge from dedication.

The team has many goals that they are devoted to accomplishing. They are prepared to face their rivals, and they are determined to win.

“The success of the team is standing upon the preparation that they have going in,” said Mr. David Zielke, assistant coach of the cross country team.

Mr. Zielke believes that if all of the athletes participate in summer practice and stay active, it will lead them to triumph over their competitors.

“The guys are dedicated. They know who the competition is, they know what they need to do, which is basically work hard to achieve those goals.” Mr. Zielke said.

The team’s competition is very stiff.  Davis High School, Bella Vista High School, and Armijo High School include some of their notable rivals. If they work hard enough they have a chance to beat them.

“My hope is that we compete and finish in the top ten teams at the state championship. I think if everyone stays healthy, we have a chance of doing that,” Mr. Zielke said.

Jesuit High School’s cross country team has many challenges on their way to triumph, but they have tenacity to compete for a state title.