Molding future generations

Rahin Aujla and Zach Chambers

At Jesuit High School, Academics Plus is not only a summer camp, but a place for boys to grow into men.

Academics Plus is a summer day camp program run by Jesuit. At Academics Plus, middle schoolers enjoy a mix of sports and academics, as well as doing other activities that help enrich character.

“Our goal [at Jesuit] is to educate young men and make sure we educate the whole person. Academics Plus is like the same thing,” said Director of Admissions, Josh Palone ‘99.

All counselors that work at Academics Plus either went to

Jesuit or work at Jesuit, so they can use the camp philosophy well and help enrich the experience. Also, all the counselors are funny and enjoyable, so kids tend to enjoy the camp.

“Any person who is in the 5th-8th grade and who wants to have fun would enjoy this camp,” said Mr. Palone.

Even though this is a camp with sports, it isn’t a sports recruitment program; instead, it is primarily a program to help boys stay with academics.

“This program is mainly designed to keep junior high school kids and 5th and 6th graders in the habit of doing academics over the summer,” said Mr. Palone.

Academics Plus offers a huge advantage to campers. These advantages range from focusing on academics to enriching character, and also having fun and playing sports.