A long and healthy rivalry

Richard Yang and Sam Dyer

Every rivalry has a history.

Jesuit High School and Christian Brothers High School are two major Catholic high schools in the Sacramento area. Their decades-old rivalry is represented by their annual football struggle for dominance, The Holy Bowl.              

“[The Holy Bowl has] always been [a big deal]. There’s never been a time when it wasn’t,” said Mr. Tim Warren ‘70, current dean of students at Jesuit, and a participant in the very first Holy Bowl in 1969.

Before the first Holy Bowl, Jesuit had only been open six years. So why did they start playing Christian Brothers, a much older school?

“The coaches, I think, just got together and said ‘Let’s have a game.’”said Mr. Warren.

In 1969, Jesuit’s football team had the number one defense in the city, and Christian Brothers had the number one offense in the city. It was an important game that meant a lot to the students attending both schools, and it marked the beginning of a groundbreaking rivalry that has lasted for many years.

“[The Holy Bowl rivalry is] healthy. It’s a good rivalry, it’s a good, strong rivalry,” said Mr. Warren. “Usually, all bets are off. It doesn’t matter what the record[s are], on that particular night, it’s anybody’s guess who’s going to win.”

Many students from the two schools  have played in the Holy Bowl, and it is a game enjoyed by people from all over Sacramento. The strength of the rivalry between the two schools will likely keep it alive for many years to come.