Why the plus in academics plus?

Kevin Getzoff and Davis Vann

Campers in the Academics Plus program at Jesuit High School not only learn, they explore.

During Academics Plus, campers learn about the values Jesuit teaches to their students during the school year.

“One thing we talk a lot about at Jesuit is that we want you to reach your full potential,” said Director of Academics Plus Mr. Josh Palone, “[By] not only exercising your mind, but your body as well.”

The campers participate in a variety of classes that are not too difficult for the students, keeping their minds active over the summer.

“The academics are designed to be fun and keep you in the habit of writing, doing some science, [and just] keeping your brain active,” Mr. Palone said.

Future Academics Plus campers will have the opportunity to take advantage of many new additions to the Jesuit High School campus such as the stadium, the chapel, and brand new classrooms.

“I would say it’s been an exciting time for Academics Plus as the school continues to move into a new era,”Mr. Palone said.

Overall, Academics Plus allows students to meet new people, keep their minds active over the summer, and learn some of Jesuit’s values.