Overcoming his limits

Talon Krieger and Zachary Dyer

Athletes are not defined by how successful they are, but how well they deal with adversity.

Max Thompson ‘17, has Erb’s Palsy condition, which causes his left arm to be smaller than his right. However, Max does not let this reality limit his career as a pitcher on the Jesuit High School Junior Varsity baseball team.

“Anybody can make it if they try hard enough,” Max said. “If you really have a dream, you’ll work for it and you’ll make it.”

Max did not let his arm condition defeat him, but rather uses it to propel him to work even harder.

“I really persevered and worked hard and that is all you can do in life is try as hard as you can and hope for the best,” Max said.

His hard work and positive attitude led him to overcome any physical obstacles to earn a spot on the junior varsity baseball team to a point where all he had to worry about was the performance of the team.

“[We] just accept that that’s what we had do to win and get back on the road to success and have a great season and have some fun,” Max said.

Max’s story is very motivating for young men with  the same condition, but it also shows that by working hard and never giving up, great things can happen.