Future “Men For Others”

Matthew Sauls and Joseph Watley

Director of Admissions Mr. Josh Palone ‘99 and Assistant Director of Admissions Mr. Jon Rotz ‘92 believe that when admitting freshmen to Jesuit High School, character is just as important as personal records.

Jesuit’s hope for future graduates is that they will prosper in their openness to growth, intellectual competence, religiousness, lovingness, and commitment to doing justice. When admitting students, Mr. Palone and Mr. Rotz try to find students that could fulfill these guidelines.

“What we look for in all of our potential students is young men who are ready to have the potential to be leaders,” said Mr. Palone.

Grades are important at Jesuit because the curriculum is college preparatory. However, working hard is even more important.

“You don’t need to have straight A’s, you don’t even need to have all B’s if […] you’re that type of student [that will try] your hardest and you’re willing to work,” said Mr. Rotz. 

When searching for students at Jesuit, Mr. Rotz believes that wanting to get involved is just as important as getting good grades and working hard.

“Here at Jesuit if you just come to class and then you go home, you’re kind of missing a lot of the opportunities,” Mr. Rotz said.

Admission into Jesuit is a long process for incoming freshmen and parents. Students need to be themselves, work hard, and want to learn how to be a true man for others.