A+ Blog: how to start a lemonade stand

Jakob Marrone & Carlo Di Fiore, Writers for the Caribbean Chronicle

Its summer, admit it: you’re bored, you have no money, and your parents won’t let you play video games, so what should you do? Do what any other smart person would do, make a lemonade stand!

First things first, find a busy and popular location in your neighborhood.  This place should also be easily accessible to cars and people passing by.

You will also need a “stand.” You could build one out of scrap wood, buy one at a store, or use a table. Make a sign that states that you’re selling lemonade and include the price.

Now you need to make the lemonade. Mix lemon juice, water, and sugar. Add the juice and sugar to your liking depending on if you like sweet or sour lemonade. Add plenty of ice. Don’t spend too much money on the supplies, so that you have a good end profit.

As always, you can change the way you do these steps. If you do everything right, you’re sure to have a great lemonade stand.