Coach Jon Rotz believes in stepping outside of comfort zones

Andrew Mcelvy and Shane Deary

Coach Jon Rotz wants his players to believe.

“My plan for the season is to try to help the young men understand that they are probably better than they think they are.” Coach Rotz said.

This summer Coach Rotz was named interim Head Basketball Coach at Jesuit High School. Coach Rotz has been at Jesuit for 13 years coaching for the school’s basketball team and he is very excited for this year.

“It’s great, really excited for the opportunity to coach these young men, I’ve gotten to know them quite a bit over the years as their coach. They have high character, they are very polite, and hard working. I’m very excited to coach them,” Coach Rotz said.

Coach Rotz thinks that if one does something that he loves and is passionate about it, he is going to have nerves and excitement, and that will soon direct him to the “right place”. He also believes in taking chances and stepping out of one’s comfort zone to try new things is good for a person’s character.

Mr.Rotz is a great leader and is excited to take over as Jesuit’s  new head basketball coach.