Going above and beyond by helping the homeless

Sean Kurdy is a friend and helper to the homeless.

“It was definitely very important,” said Sean Kurdy ‘16after his return from his Christian Service immersion in Portland, Oregon. Sean will be entering his senior at Jesuit High School next fall.

Every morning Sean would wake up at the break of dawn and serve food to the San Andreas homeless shelter in Portland as a part of his Christian Service Project.

“Our goal was to make interactions[…]because these are homeless people who sometimes don’t get treated like regular people,” Sean said.

In the afternoon he would go to the L’Arche Community, a program designed to nurture a community of mentally disabled people.

“[It was] a life changing experience because I got to see the true nature of these people, and their unexpected similarities to us,” Sean said.

Sean felt like the trip helped him strengthen his religion, helping to make a good friendship with the people he served.

Sean is one of those people that are willing to help others with their needs. That is why he went to Portland this summer.