Evolution of a high school

Sam Balestreri and Luke Richards

“I think that if somebody that went to school here prior to 1990 stepped on campus now, they wouldn’t even recognize it,” said Jesuit High School’s Dean of Students Mr. Tim Warren ‘70, “It’s just changed so much.”

Jesuit High School has changed a lot over the years. It has grown in many different ways, from new construction to the number of students on campus.

IMG_0074“The first class was about 450 students[…] Now, there’s about 1,050,” Dean Warren said.

In addition to the student body size, the campus has gained many new buildings. Many years ago, not all of the buildings on campus had been constructed, so the campus was much smaller. There weren’t buildings like the locker rooms in the Student Athletic Center, the gym, the new science labs in O’Meara Hall, the Phelan Chapel of the North American Martyrs, and the Harris Center. Currently, Jesuit is also constructing the new Hanson McClain Advisors Stadium.

Religious life at Jesuit, however, has stayed consistent throughout the years. There is optional mass in the morning as always.

Jesuit has changed immensely over the course of 52 years. As a result of these changes, Jesuit is constantly growing.