An engaging way to spend the summer

Martin Kungys and Nolan Rodriguez

Mrs. Heather Dowling is a great help to Academics Plus, and she is enjoying her time working at Jesuit High School.

“I am so happy to be a part of the academics plus team at Jesuit,” Mrs Dowling said.

For Mrs. Dowling, Summer school at Jesuit High School is something to be enjoyed.

“I came here to meet the team and was instantly interested in teaching at Academics plus,” Mrs. Dowling said.

Mrs. Dowling likes many parts of the school.  “This is a beautiful campus inside and out” Mrs. Dowling said.

Mrs. Dowling also likes the quad area and the sports facilities. Another enjoyable feature to Mrs. Dowling is that the classrooms are well equipped.

Dowling found out about the job from a teacher at presentation school and is not regretting it.

“It’s a lively and engaging way to spend my summer.” Mrs. Dowling said.

She enjoys that  Academics Plus focuses on having fun through scientific exploration.

Next fall, Mrs. Dowling will start teaching at Westlake Charter Middle School in the Fall,  teaching Social Studies and Language Arts in the 5th grade.