The return of the graduates

Edgar Benitez and Jarvis Tiu

Jesuit High School is a place where graduates desire to return.

Jimmy Flynn ‘14 and Spencer Gilles ‘14 are two examples of this. They both came back to Jesuit to work for Academics Plus because they love the school.

“I want to show Jesuit the love and brotherhood they showed for me,” Spencer said.

To this day, Spencer and Jimmy still feel the love as they are counselors for Jesuit’s  Academic Plus program. They both really like being counselors, helping other kids feel the love they had received.

“I worked as a counselor last year and it was a total blast, and I needed a job this summer,” Jimmy said.

So far Jimmy has been a counselor for one year and Spencer has been here for three years. They have been enjoying their time as counselors for Jesuit. Even though it’s a lot of work its worth it

They will be coming back and enjoying their years as counselors. Jesuit  truly is a school that students love to return to.