The life values of soccer

Alex Mayer and William Teresinski

Coach Paul Rose knows what it takes to succeed in soccer.

“Hard work, teamwork, dedication, understanding one’s place in history (tradition) creates champions. My philosophy is, reach your potential and have fun doing it,” Coach Rose said.

Coach Rose, head of Jesuit High School Varsity Soccer, looks forward to a new season. He expects the returning players to help with the new members of the team and the team’s intensity level to stay strong.

“The brotherhood of next year’s team should be excellent. I have a large group of returning players who are very close, but they realize the value of bringing everyone together,” Rose said.

Coach Rose emphasizes on having “class” (sportsmanship) with winning or losing. Rose, as well as teaching the boys soccer, also teaches them how to become men.

“I am most proud of how Jesuit soccer plays with class (win or lose) and their ability to handle adversity. Jesuit soccer has maintained a tradition of excellence for a long time and it is through hard work and teamwork that his tradition is maintained,” Rose said.

Coach Rose looks forward to this upcoming season in soccer and what it has in store for the team.