School with a laid back twist

Cooper Shults and Alex Morse

During the summer, Jesuit High School is still in session, but with a laid back twist.

At Jesuit’s summer school program, students can focus on a single subject that they may have struggled with during the year. There is a casual feel to summer school that the regular school year lacks, with no dress code and more individualised work.

“Summer school is easier due to the concentration of the subject,” said junior Peter Lucas. 

The summer school focuses with one or multiple subjects and is less pressured than the normal school year.

“It’s a really good option for athletes who need to free up their schedule,” Peter said.

Summer school can be be a nice, calm substitute for many classes.

Teacher Mr. Michael Solander ‘92 and Peter Lucas both said the words “laid back” when describing summer school.

“[Summer school at Jesuit] is pretty laid back in terms of dress and there’s no pressure of other classes, its the same 28 guys every day,” Mr. Solander said.

Summer school is a more relaxed educational option for kids at Jesuit High School.