Jesuit summer school

Andrew Pettibone and Pavel Miller

Jesuit High School’s summer school is like life in the fast lane.

Summer school gives the students an opportunity to catch up on classes and get ahead before the next year. The Jesuit summer school program is used by many incoming freshman as a chance to get ahead and learn more in their freshman year.

“It’s faster, more fun, and you get to meet new people, ” said Mrs. Mary Harrison, Administrative Assistant to the Dean.

They also have girls over the summer at Jesuit summer school. The girls make it more interesting, different, and competitive for the boys at Jesuit.

During summer school, students are allowed appropriate free dress, while during the regular school year the boys have a more strict dress code consisting of  polo shirts with khaki bottoms.

Summer school is faster paced than regular school because in summer school students have to learn a whole school years work in six weeks.

”I think it’s a good balance because they get too relaxed and wear the clothes they want to wear, but they have to go home and really motor on their homework every night,” said Mrs. Harrison.

Summer school is different from regular school in many ways, some good and some bad.