From Camper to Counselor

Chris Castelle ‘16 has returned to Jesuit High School Academics Plus to give back as a counselor what he received as a camper years ago.

“I wanted to become a counselor to make the campers’ experiences as great as my counselor made for me when I attended,” Chris said.

As a counselor, Chris has learned that he needs to teach when he is used to being taught.

Chris knows that the difference between teaching and being taught is that teaching is the opposite side of the spectrum, showing the students the right path instead of being shown the path.

Chris taught students many important lessons that they can apply not only in Academics Plus, but in daily life as well.

“It is definitely a different feel . . . I have more control and responsibility,” Chris said.

Being a counselor, Chris Castelle has worked to help students have a terrific time at camp.