The Hanson McClain Advisors Stadium

Jordyn Turner and Kevin Haynes

Jesuit High School’s community is on the edge of their seats about the new stadium.

Hanson McClain Advisors Stadium will  bring new life to  Jesuit athletics. The stadium will be the brand new home of Jesuit football, soccer, track, and any other field sports that might need to use the stadium. This new sports complex will be open to the public towards the end of the summer of 2015.

“If you saw the old field you’d know it’s time for an upgrade,”  said Jesuit’s new Athletic Director, Mr. Greg Harcos ‘89.

Although the new stadium will not have lights for night games, Mr. Harcos still has hope.

“One step at a time. The stadium comes first, then the next thing we’ll have to look at is lights,” Mr. Harcos said.

The stadium will have bigger stands and a new state-of-the-art, all-weather turf field and track. The sports teams are beyond excited about playing on their new field.

The new and improved the stadium will bring great excitement to Jesuit High School and its community.