Kencell Nixon: Helping the community

Jaden Tripette and Brandon Alcala

Mr. Kencell Nixon ‘15 overcame the hardships of being student council president with a smile and tons of experience.

Mr. Nixon was president of Jesuit High School’s Student Council  in the 2014-2015 school year. After graduating, he became a counselor for Junior Academics Plus because he has tons of energy and works well with younger students.

“I have a bunch of energy, so working with kids is refreshing because the young guys can match my energy output,” Mr. Nixon said.

During his terms as president, Mr. Nixon made improvements in spirit week, food drives and blood drives. Mr. Nixon also was involved in many charitable events. He was also involved in, retreat leadership, and student council.

“I think I changed Jesuit a lot just by being better involved in everything from sports to Diversity Committee, Black Student Union, and 2 different choirs,” Mr. Nixon said

Mr. Nixon played a few sports during his time at Jesuit.. He threw shotput and discus for all of his four years at Jesuit. Additionally, he played football in his sophomore and senior year.

“When I was a freshman I played basketball at Jesuit, and then transitioned into being an Assistant Coach for Freshman Basketball as a junior and senior,” Mr. Nixon said.

Mr. Nixon, as a counselor at Junior Academics Plus and the student council president for the 2014-2015 school year, helped out the community, and helped improve life inside and outside of school.