Coach Rotz hopes to build a program of character

Joseph Nuño and Roman Warren

Coach Jon Rotz ’92 is a man for others, and as the new head basketball coach, his goal is to bestow that attitude to all of his players.

Coach Rotz came back to Jesuit High School in the summer of 2012. Coach Rotz was named the interim head varsity basketball coach this summer. He hopes to do great things for Jesuit basketball and for the young men and their characters.

“[The players] are young men with a great spirit about them that I am very excited to work with,” Coach Rotz said.

Before accepting the job, Rotz needed to be sure that he could focus on outside commitments while still giving his all to Jesuit.

“I had to make sure that all the things in my life, like my family, had time to work out and still give my job my best effort,” Coach Rotz said.

Former Head Coach Mr. Greg Harcos ‘89, who is now Jesuit’s Athletic Director, had an exponential effect on Coach Rotz’s coaching style. Mr. Harcos taught Coach Rotz to hold players accountable for their successes and failures and to help them mature not only as players, but as men.

With new responsibilities and a new position as head varsity basketball coach, Coach Rotz is determined to do even greater things for Jesuit Basketball.