Summer activities at Jesuit

Dominic LeLouis and Noah Canites

Summer activities at Jesuit are very educational and physical.  The coaches and teachers are highly experienced in helping students at Jesuit.

There are many summer classes that prepare students for future years in schooling.  There  are also many sports camps that train students to become more active.

Jesuit Academics Plus is a combination of these activities.  At Jesuit Academics Plus, they teach Elementary and Middle School students.  During part of the day, kids learn in the classroom.  During the other half of the day, campers attend fun activities outdoors.

“I like it. It’s really fun.  [Academics Plus] is less stressful than a normal academic camp or summer school.  The sports help improve my classroom performance…[the exercise] helps me focus and think.” said Joseph Nuño, a student at Academics Plus.

The academic activities at Academics Plus are English class, journalism class, science class, and math class.  The “plus” activities done throughout the day include swimming and other sports. 

During lunch, each team sits with their counselor and eats their lunch.  Campers can buy house-made food at the camp, or they can bring a lunch from home.

At the end of  day, campers play basketball, soccer, or football.  Each team is assigned a counselor who is in charge of the kids.

Jesuit Academics Plus is safe place to send kids for the summer, so that they can have a fun summer.