Sports camps impact gameplay

Ryan Huggins and Benjamin Jones

What makes the best soccer camp? Great coaches and fundamentals.

Coach Paul Rose teaches his campers about the campus and how it is like to play. He also teaches his campers a lot to help them during game play.

“My hope is that every camper has a great experience and leaves the camp having learned something new, having improved some aspect(s) of the game, and having a great time in camp.” Coach Rose said.

Coach Rose works very hard to make sure the campers can improve their skills when they go back to their regular leagues and teams.

“The focus of this camp is on skill development. We want to teach them the tactical part of the game and also increase their speed of play. We want the players to work together and form friendships.” Coach Rose said.

Coach Rose really drives to help the campers improve and sharpen their playing skills in and out of the camp.

“The soccer camps allow the coaches to get better acquainted with the players coming into the school and allows the coaches to communicate expectations regarding preparation for tryouts,” Coach Rose said.

Overall Coach Rose and the soccer camp will help the campers improve their gameplay.