Necessary relaxation

Ryan Rafeld, Staff Writer

Christmas break, for most Jesuit High School students, is the most wonderful time of the year. Some stay home and celebrate Christmas with their close family while others go on vacation for two weeks while school’s out, so we decided to ask a few marauders what they were doing over break.

Most students we asked are just staying home and to relax over Christmas break, enjoying their two week break from school work.  “My Christmas break usually consists of hanging out with family while they are in town, reading, and playing video games. Sometimes my family will take a trip to San Francisco or to the mountains, but usually it is spent at home,” said senior Mitchell Johnson.

When at home, most people spend their time catching up on sleep, however; some also decide to head out for the holidays.  “[I will] go on vacation somewhere, or stay at home and watch Christmas movies. [This year I am] going to my brother’s wedding in the Bay Area, then going to Disney World,” said sophomore Tyler Garcia.

Even if some students are gone all break, many see their family and celebrates Christmas with them.  Junior JR Caprile said he is, “going to my aunt’s house in Reno to see family during Christmas.”

The most important part of Christmas break, of course, is the holiday that it’s centered around. We have a two week break not only because it’s a break from school after finishing finals, but also because Christmas is an important holiday celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Christmas Eve is also part of Christmas, and some people celebrate it while others don’t. On Christmas Eve, Tyler Garcia will be at Disney World, and he said he will, “Watch the fireworks at Disney World, and go on some rides.”

Once Christmas is over, the remainder of Christmas break becomes time to relax and wind down from Christmas. “After Christmas is over I plan on using whatever I got for Christmas. I’ll probably go see some friends and do something fun with my family until break is over and we have to return to school,” said Mitchell.

Christmas Break can be used as a time for rest, or as a time to work, as while some people use the entirety of their break to relax, some people use it to catch up on schoolwork. “I’ll start doing homework and after it’s done I’ll go back to relaxing,” said JR.

Christmas break is not only a two week break from school work, but a time to celebrate. It can be spent at home or in a different state, but no matter where you are, Christmas break is always a time to relax with family and friends.