Thomas the trumpeter

Senior Thomas Ryan learned to play the trumpet freshman year in Instrumental Music and has been participating in the band ever since.

Graduating from Saint Ignatius in 2011, Thomas had no prior experience with the trumpet but decided to pick it up freshman year because it seemed like a new and intriguing thing to do. Thomas remarked that he joined band because it, “interested [him] freshman year.”

Thomas said he was unsure of joining band freshman year, but since then he has had a great time playing the trumpet for Mr. John Cargile, Instrumental Music teacher, and Mr. Ron Cunha, Instrumental Music teacher. He said that he enjoys the class thoroughly because he gets to play music in a band with his friends.

Thomas enjoys the class because it is always interesting and thus, he doesn’t have any problem getting a good grade in the class. “The class is fun, sometimes the music is awesome, and I have good friends in the class,” Thomas said. He feels band is an activity that contributes greatly to the culture of Jesuit High School.

Thomas also talked about what it’s like to play for both Mr. Cargile and Mr. Cunha, saying that they are great people and great conductors to work with, and they make playing the trumpet a great experience.

Thomas also talked about his choice of instrument. He said that he didn’t actually choose the trumpet, but it was chosen for him by Mr. Cargile, but now that he plays it he’d rather play trumpet than another instrument. Thomas said he enjoys playing the trumpet because he, “likes playing the melody of songs.

Thomas has played trumpet for Jesuit ever since he showed interest freshman year, and he has enjoyed playing it the entire time. Thomas’ time in the band has been exciting and interesting, and he will continue to play trumpet for the remainder of his time at Jesuit.