La Raza’s contribution to those in need

Daniel Mangu, Staff Writer

La Raza is a Hispanic-American culture club at Jesuit High School that contributes to the homeless and less fortunate. The club represents the Hispanic American culture here at Jesuit and is open to the entire student body.

Not only does La Raza represent a club that helps the less fortunate, but it also shows that it’s a club that really cares about those who are in need. This club gives each student an opportunity to learn about the Latino culture and to also participate in helping the less fortunate.

La Raza is open to both Hispanics and non-Hispanics and works to facilitate everyone’s education of the Latino culture.

“We teach students about where the Latino culture is from, what celebrations Latinos celebrate, and who we are as people, and also how we can be united,” said senior Axel Perez, President of La Raza  .

“If the person isn’t Latino we teach them what it means to be Latino, and how to understand Latinos, in a community like California, where we are so full of Latinos, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, [and] Guatemalans,” Axel said.

La Raza’s primary mission is to raise money and donate the funds to Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles. Homeboy Industries provides former gang members and incarcerated men and women with job positions and career services. La Raza has a trip planned this year to Homeboy Industries so club members can immerse themselves in the culture and can donate a the proceeds from their recent Taco sale.

“We also go to a lot of industries such as Homeboys industries. We help gang members; we go over there; we talk to them; we learn; we do service with them. We help kids with their homework and play with them,” Axel said.

Homeboy Industries is a unique organization serving former gang members and helping them get their life back on track, and in assisting them La Raza is showing how crucial it is to help others.