Shadows of tomorrow

Nick Ellis, Contributor / Copy Editor

Each year, Jesuit High School hosts a series of shadow days that prospective students attend to experience what Jesuit is all about. This year shadow days are being held from Oct. 27 to Dec. 12, with the typical shadow day lasting from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. About one hundred different schools typically participate in this event, as it is open to all current 8th grade boys and transfer students in the Sacramento Area.

“The shadow day experience has become more and more important for prospective students when deciding where to go to high school,” said Joshua Palone, Director of Admissions.

Students will be able to choose in advance the classes they get to experience during the day. The shadows will arrive on the morning of their particular day in the Student Athletic Center and will be led to their classes by upperclassmen serving as their hosts.

This year, shadows will also get to stay long enough to see what lunch and later classes at Jesuit are like. Their day will end with a brief session where they can talk about their day and give feedback to Jesuit representatives.

“The shadows come to experience our academics, cafeteria, schedule and really to find out what a typical day is like on the Jesuit campus,” Mr. Palone said.

Shadow day is organized by the entire Admissions Office including Mr. Palone, Mr. Jon Rotz , Assistant Director of Admissions, and Ms. Debbie Case, Assistant to Admissions. They must coordinate the movement of prospective students coming onto campus as well as organizing which juniors and seniors will host a shadow. The staff also tries its best to arrange for the shadows to be able to get to see their desired classes, but their choices are not guaranteed.

“We want to show them what they are interested in, but also explore new opportunities,” Mr. Rotz said.

Shadow days help direct incoming freshmen to make the decision of whether or not they want to apply to Jesuit. Shadows will be exposed to almost all facets of Jesuit. Mr. Palone expressed that, above all else, shadow days should be a day where kids learn more about Jesuit and have a great time doing it.