Homecoming do’s and don’ts

David Scribner, Staff Writer

Homecoming is an important dance for everyone at Jesuit High School, as it is one of the main ways to interact with girls at our all male high school.  Sometimes, knowing what to do at homecoming and how to intermingle with the opposite sex can be a difficult task.  However, with a little help from upperclassmen, this daunting situation can be turned into a fun and easy time hanging out with girls.

​ One of the most important parts of Homecoming is dinner.  This is the place where you and your date will actually be on a date.  If all goes well, you will be eating, talking and laughing with your date for almost an hour.  But an hour is a lot of time, especially with someone you’re nervous to talk to. So, what are some ways to make sure you have a good time?  Well, there are a few different ways to ensure that you and your date have the best possible Homecoming dinner experience.

Senior Brennan Dowling has gone to Homecoming so far every year he has been able, and is planning on going again this year.  Brennan says that going to dinner with a group is better “especially if you don’t know the date that well, but even if you do, with a group is way more fun.”

As junior Theo Christopulos, the president for this year’s Junior Class, points out,  going with a whole group allows for you and your date to talk to other people if you or your date “is awkward with one-on-one situations.”

Another important part of dinner is fairly obvious: where you are going to eat? “It’s fun to eat at a person’s house [because you] don’t have to worry about splitting the bill evenly,” Brennan said. It also provides a safe setting where everyone can relax.

However, if dinner at someone’s house is not an option, then “make sure you pay,” said senior Kencell Nixon , JHS Student Body President.  “If the meal is going to cost approximately $40, bring $50.”  Kencell knows from past experience that the most important part of going out to dinner is to “be prepared, be ready.”

There is one thing about Homecoming that is completely vital for you, your date, and both of your parents.  “To make great memories,” says Brennan, “take pictures.”  Taking pictures is something that will not only allow you to remember the great times you had at Homecoming, but also because “the girl is going to want them, your mom is going to want them, your grandma is really going to want them, and you need stuff for Instagram,” said Kencell.

Another thing first-time Homecoming goers might wonder about is what they should be wearing. Brennan had a very simple answer to this question: “Ask your date what you should wear.”  This allows for the satisfaction of looking nice, and for less confusion when trying to figure out what you need to wear.  The most important thing about what you wear, besides that it must follow the school dress code, is that it has to “match your date,” remarked Kencell, not only because it’ll make the pair of you look good, but also because “it’ll get you a lot of brownie points.”

While everyone always finds different things to be fun from other people, at Homecoming, the consensus is pretty general. “The best way to make sure that your date has a good time is to dance to good music,” Theo said.  All you need to do, as Brennan told, is “take a date who you know you’ll have fun with.”  Basically, it does not even matter what you do at the dance, as long as you know, with absolute certainty, that you will be able to have a good time with your date.