Chalk it up

Tristan Mullany and David Scribner

Students for Life of America is one of the most effective organizations in supporting the Pro-Life Movement.  Their mission is to educate students about the Pro-Life Movement and its point of view on abortion.  On Oct. 2, the SFLA organization holds the annual Pro-Life Chalk Day.  Members of the SFLA will be participating in Chalk Day, an event in which they illustrate a positive message about Pro-Life through art.

The mission for the Students for Life Clubs nationwide is “to give a positive message to the campus about Pro-Life by chalking up the sidewalk,” said senior Michael Flodin, SFLA publicity coordinator for Jesuit High School.  Their goal is to have students gain familiarity with the Pro-Life movement and help them understand their goals and concerns about abortion.

Chalking sidewalks has been known as a method for students to make political stances, and, seeing as it is effective, was adapted by the SFLA.  However, National Pro-Life Chalk Day is not the only time of the year when members will go out and chalk the sidewalk with their messages.  In an attempt to sway the minds of those on the opposite side of their cause, SFLA will sometimes chalk their slogans and artwork outside of buildings where Planned Parenthood or Pro-Choice Movement rallies are scheduled for the next day.

On Thursday, Oct. 2, members of the Students for Life Club will be going out to the senior quad and writing phrases, drawing pictures, and presenting their message to the whole school.  Michael says that the club is hoping that by stating facts about abortion, along with their own personal beliefs, they will be able to get their message across to the masses at Jesuit.

Although National Pro-Life Chalk Day is being organized by the SFLA Club at JHS, this does not mean that their members are the only students who are permitted to participate in the event.  The club encourages all who share in their ideas to go and join them in their mission to, as Michael put it, “get positive pro-life messages throughout the school.”