A fresh foot forward

William Burke, Contributor

Jesuit High School’s Class of 2018 has elected the five young men to represent their respective classes in the student body council. Three Senators, a Secretary-Treasurer, and a President, have been elected to represent the freshmen in the JHS Student Council. What is it that put these marauders in these positions? What inspired them to carry on the tradition of excellence our school holds so dear?

Jake Virga was elected a senator for the freshmen class. “They told us to get involved…at my previous schools I had never tried to run for anything, or do anything like this, so I wanted to try something new,”  Jake said.

Jake praised the supportive school community. Although Jake ran to encourage new changes at JHS, Secretary-Treasurer Casey Gilles’ campaign was based on his experiences as president and treasurer at his old school, as well as the legacy left by JHS alumnus and older brother, Spencer Gilles ,‘14.

Casey identified that one of his main goals is to spur students to sell magazines aggressively during the Warren QSP Magazine Drive as the sales this year aren’t as good as last year’s sales as of press time. Casey wants to join Block J, Athletes for Others, Patriots Club, and other extracurriculars in what he calls “an exciting atmosphere.”

As for Senator Spencer Beckwith, his race was fueled by his desire and plans to “act as a voice for my class, and to vocalize their opinions.” Spencer energetically stated that he looks forward to “actually set things in place, and not stand by and wait for things to happen.” Spencer is part of the water polo team and expressed interest in joining the Irish Club.

Senator Logan Eggleston’s election was prompted by the desire to be involved and to “get right into the thick of things.” Logan pledged to do the best he could to communicate efficiently and effectively with his classmates in the coming year, “I really want the freshman class to be heard,” Logan said. So far, Logan thinks very highly of JHS, stating the importance of the brotherhood and community.

President Max Richins asserts his leadership skills, stating that the freshman class “deserved the best.”  Max expressed his belief that one of the main selling points for his campaign was his carefully prepared speech that he had been working on for weeks.  Max’s current plans for his presidential career are to do his very best to give the Jesuit freshmen a fun and exciting year.

“If the rest of my four years here go the same way as this year, they are liable to be some of the best years of my life,” Max said.

Whether the motivation is to carry on a legacy, become involved and serve the student body, or to simply enjoy oneself, it goes without saying that the determined and energetic Freshman Council will do their very best to report and represent the interests of the students that chose them and the school itself. The hope of every student and staff member is that this year is remembered and cherished.