50+1 Bash


Courtesy of Jesuit Communications

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Zack Schade and Mac Yates

The 50+1 Bash was held at Jesuit High School on August 23rd. This carries on the tradition after the very successful 50th Bash. Bash started off with a bang with nearly 1,000 parents, students, alumni,  and faculty participating in Jesuit High School’s 50+1 Bash celebration.

The Jay Rollerz band performed live music for all to dance and let loose. The food gave plenty of energy so that parents could dance to all of the exciting music. Diane Devine, mother of senior Greg Devine said that, “I like it back on the quad. I don’t mind the band, it is a nice thing.”

Alumni showed up in support of the Bash with vendors such as Alan Leatherby ’81 bringing Leatherby’s Family Creamery, Trevor Shults ’98 with Barwest, Andrew Mering ’90 serving Lockdown Brewing Co., and others bringing their array of beverages for the adults to enjoy.

“Everybody is having a lot of fun” said Fr. Suwalsky, President of Jesuit High School. He added, “we wanted them to set up a block party and bring people back to campus. In my mind this is successful.” This success was shown by the nearly 1,000 people in attendance, and numerous alumni and parents joining with students and faculty.

Ms. Scheimer added, “I think that it is very nice. I think Jesuit did a good job as usual.”

The night was very successful, and all who attended enjoyed. The food also seemed to be a great hit. “The food’s great. I like the barbecue sauce a lot,” said Daniel Harp ’15. The barbecue that was served was truly delicious and a big hit throughout the party. People everywhere were holding plates full of the barbecue.

The night was a very enjoyable night for all and a wonderful tradition for Jesuit to carry on for future years.