If I had only known

Tim Brannan, Copy Editor / Contributor

​ In great classical films such as Karate Kid, Rocky, and Star Wars, it is the old mentor who gives the hero of the story the information which ultimately allows him come out triumphant. To help the freshmen and transfer student body succeed at Jesuit High School, a few of the upperclassmen agreed to share their advice with the Class of 2018.

​ Emory Shi a sophomore said that he wishes that he could have known to get help from a tutor earlier than he did, because “it really helps.” Tutoring is a great way to boost your grade in any class. There are many peer tutoring opportunities around the school, such as the new tutoring center in Lalemant Hall and the CSF tutors in Harris Center or the Father King Library during flex period. Of course, bad study habits and procrastination can significantly damage grades, too.

“Procrastination is bad.” Sophomore Ben Holland said. To help prevent procrastination, you could make a list of what you need to do and cross off the items as you go. Another thing you can do to stop procrastination is to get a calendar and portion out your workload so that you end up doing just a little work every​ day, instead of a week’s worth of work in one night.

​ Everyone needs a break from schoolwork now and then. One great way to get out and have fun is at a school dance. For some dances, you will need a date.  Most girls that you ask will probably say yes, but that’s why you have to be quick before someone else asks them. Marc Boudreaux, a sophomore, was going to ask “his girl,” but he waited too long, and she was “snatched away” from him.  If you want to make the most of your experience, make sure you ask her in advance.

Of course, if the dances don’t work out for you, clubs can always fill your spare time. “I wish I could have known all the variety of clubs that there are [at Jesuit.]” Junior John Scherber said. A common regret amongst graduating upperclassmen is that they  didn’t get involved enough or that they didn’t get involved soon enough. There are a variety of clubs out there, from Viking Club to Photography Club. If you don’t find a club that interests you, you can always make a club of your own.

While fun and recreation are important, the core of the Jesuit experience lies in education.  “I really wish that I paid more attention in class to my teachers and what was going on.  I’ve done all-right but I kinda dropped the ball in certain classes. I also never really understood how fast time flies, and that you really need to enjoy your time and your opportunities. A huge thing is getting involved with clubs and sports and just try to get involved with anything that you are maybe slightly interested in.” Senior Andrew Huitt said.

​ Hopefully, you’ll be able to learn from the mistakes of the students that walked before you.  But, don’t feel bad if you make mistakes.  Even though everyone has something that they regret, we all still love our school and everything it has to offer.  Just remember: you only get one chance.