Josh Barnes: student to mentor

Ryan Rafeld, Staff Writer

Born in Sacramento in 1991, Mr. Josh Barnes ’10, Jesuit’s new designated prefect, has gone to Catholic schools all his life. “I’ve always been big on the Jesuit education mentality,” remarks Barnes, a new teacher at Jesuit High School. Mr. Barnes believes that, “Jesuit is about educating the whole person.” He believes Jesuit teaches us both in the classroom and in our communities. It is this mentality that drew Mr. Barnes back to Jesuit after graduating college.

As a child, Mr. Barnes attended to Our Lady of Assumption, where he was educated in the Catholic faith. After graduating from OLA, he decided to go to Jesuit High School and extend his catholic education. While at Jesuit, Mr. Barnes was a very active person and participated in various activities. Mr. Barnes was a cheerleader, played football and rugby, performed in theater productions, and was founder and chapter president of Operation SMILE.

After Jesuit, he attended  Gonzaga University, a Jesuit university in Spokane, Washington. At Gonzaga, Josh majored in English Literature and Philosophy. After graduating from Gonzaga, Josh returned to Jesuit to work as a designated prefect.

Mr. Barnes said he decided to come back to Jesuit because the job opportunity was very well timed, as he was just out of college and was eager to work at his alma mater. The job was a perfect fit, as Mr. Barnes was very interested in a career in education and felt that Jesuit High School was a great place to start. Mr. Barnes stated that he always expected to work at Jesuit or a place like it, but he didn’t expect it to happen straight out of college. He believes that, “Jesuit educational mentality calls us to form the brotherhood found here at Jesuit in all aspects of our lives, be that on the field, on retreat, on the stage, wherever those who take part in the Jesuit educational paradigm may be found,” and Mr. Barnes has lived that philosophy.