A feel for the brotherhood

Nicholas Carter, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Over the past weekend, Jesuit held its 26th annual Freshman Retreat. It took place on Saturday Sept. 6 and ended on Sunday Sept. 7. It gave the freshman an idea about what the JHS brotherhood is all about.

The retreat started in the Father Barry Gymnasium with a presentation about good and bad decisions given by JHS seniors Greg Devine and Nick Crumley.  After the commencement speech, Director of Campus Ministry Paul LeBoeuf asked Jesuit trivia questions; freshman won Marauder rally towels if they answered the questions correctly.

Freshman then went to classrooms with their big brothers. In these small groups, they introduced themselves to the people in the room who they had not yet had the chance to meet.  It allowed everyone to acclimate to one another, and feel comfortable enough to express their opinions during the discussions regarding the past and future.

After little brother and big brother classroom discussion, it was time for the parent and freshman discussion to begin. This time was allocated for parents and freshman to express their opinions about parent –and-son relationships.

“The ability to say anything, and still feel comfortable.” Said sophomore Logan Eggleston.

After lunch, big brothers took their little brothers to go out into the community and serve the Rancho Cordova Food Locker by collecting cans door to door.  Seniors showed their little brothers how to ask for cans and watched as their little brothers worked diligently collecting cans from the neighborhoods surrounding JHS.

Then, big brothers took their freshmen to houses of JHS or Jesuit families for the night time activities. At the house, the big brothers had a discussion about friendship with their little brothers.  Dinner was served at the houses and the freshman got to hangout with their fellow classmates before the evening’s next scheduled event.

It was then time to begin the prayer service prepared and led by the big brothers, and faculty members from JHS.  These services showed how prayer is a key part in the lives of Jesuit students.  It also showed the students that teachers feel that it is important to pray because each of the houses invited a teacher to come and participate in the prayer service.

“My Favorite part [of the retreat] was the prayer service, because I felt the presence of God throughout it,” freshman Bryce Brincka said.

Then, the freshmen were given letters, which were written by their parents. These letters talked about how proud the parents are that they have their son’s in their lives.

“The letters were the best feeling,” freshman RJ Bilena said.

After prayer service, Big brothers returned their little brothers to the gymnasium, where the freshmen had the biggest sleepover of any previous freshmen class; 320 students. They watched Water Boy and The March of the Penguins.

While the freshmen watched films, the senior quad was transformed into a village of tents, so that big brothers were able to have a place to sleep.

Sunday morning, the freshmen were woken up by our very own Jesuit drum line. Then they packed up, and ate a delicious breakfast provided by the Epicurean Group.

It was then time for the final talk of the retreat, so everyone returned to their assigned classrooms. Seniors were able to talk about trust and self-esteem during this talk. They also demonstrated a trust fall, with the help of their little brothers.

Mass was held and included the big and little brothers, as well as the parents of freshmen and seniors. After the mass all the students went to the senior quad for a huge group photo.

“The process of having friends before the retreat, and leaving with brothers [has to be my favorite part,”] freshman Christopher Simpson said.

Overall, the 26th annual Freshman Retreat was a grand success having introduced incoming freshmen to the tenants that are firmly rooted in the JHS community: Family, God, and Brotherhood

“Because of the overnight, I clearly see why I chose Jesuit High School to be my home for the next four years. I’m proud to say I am a marauder,” freshman Bennett Vonnahme said.