Love in a very cold climate

Carson Richards, Staff Writer

The excitement was palpable in the Black Box Theater as students from Jesuit, Christian Brothers, and St. Francis gathered after school on Aug. 27.  At the meeting, Mr. Trafton, Jesuit Drama’s Artistic Director, revealed details about the upcoming play as well as the name of a very special surprise guest.

The play, which will be shown eight times from Nov. 6 to Nov.16, is based on a graphic novel by Isabel Greenberg titled The Encyclopedia of Early Earth. Named one of Time Magazine’s “Top Books of 2013,” Greenberg’s graphic novel tells the story of two lovers’ attempts to connect despite the interference of meddling gods.

“More than anything this play is about the art of storytelling,” said Trafton.

The hopeful actors, both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike, were eager to work with the Jesuit Drama program that has a long history of producing fantastic plays.  Each year, the department strives to take new risks and push the actors to their full potential.

“It’s really great to work under someone as talented as Mr. Trafton. I can’t wait to see what he does with this story,” said senior, AJ Randhawa.

As for the special guest, Ms. Greenberg herself has agreed to fly out from London in order to see her story come to life this November.  She will also be teaching art classes after school to those that are interested.

“It’s the first such request I’ve had and I absolutely can’t wait to see what [they] do with it,” said Isabel Greenberg

With such a dedicated cast and crew, Jesuit Drama is sure to put on another successful performance.