COVID-19 safe Senior Gala to bring seniors together as graduation draws closer

Jesuit High School Sacramento is holding a Senior Gala on Saturday, May 8. 

The Senior Gala was created to serve as a replacement for the traditional Senior Ball, an event that could not be held this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

At the Gala, Seniors – and a guest – will be able to share a dinner together as the graduation season draws near.

Luke Gini ’21 expresses gratitudes to Jesuit for putting together the event. 

“I am thankful Jesuit is hosting a senior gala,” Luke said. “Since students have not been able to see each other in the usual school setting, this event will be great for students to connect in a way that has not been present in the past year.” 

Jack Deaner ’21 is also thankful that Jesuit has put together an event where seniors can socialize together in a somewhat normal setting. 

“I’m grateful that Jesuit was able to set up a senior gala,” Jack said. “I appreciate the staff’s effort in providing normalcy throughout this year and being able to have a gala is a cherry on top.” 

The staff at Jesuit has been working hard to organize events for the students all year, and the Gala is no exception. 

Student Activities Coordinator Mr. Tim Kelly shares why Jesuit decided to hold the Senior Gala. 

“The Class of 2021 has missed out on many traditional Jesuit experiences,” Mr. Kelly said. “We are hoping the Senior Gala can be a fun, safe activity that replaces Senior Ball and allows for the soon-to-be graduating seniors to experience an end of year event.”

Organizing the Senior Gala amidst the pandemic may seem dangerous, but Jesuit is taking all the safety measures possible. Jesuit is holding two COVID-19 screenings before the event, and every student and his guest must take and pass both tests. The first screening was on May 6 and the second screening will be on the day of the Gala, May 8. 

The senior class will graduate later this month, so this event promises to be one last and fun experience that the brotherhood can enjoy together.