Jesuit community reflects on difficult 2020 and hopes for better things to come in 2021

2020 has often been referred to as one of the most difficult years in modern history. As the Jesuit High School Sacramento community starts the new year, they reflect back on 2020 and share their hopes for a better year in 2021. 

The most notable thing about 2020 was the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic affected almost every aspect of life in both good and bad ways. Connor Twomey ’22 talks about a positive side to it. 

“I got to know my family better,” Connor said. “We spent a lot of time together just talking.” 

Connor isn’t the only one enjoying time with family due to the pandemic. Elijah Beverly ’21 shares his experiences with 2020 as well. 

“Looking back on 2020, being able to spend more time with my family helped us become closer which was very nice,” Elijah said. 

While 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, each person faced a different set of challenges. For Science Teacher Mr. Lawrence Simon ’13, the biggest challenge was, and still has been, having limited access to his students.

“For everybody, 2020 was tough in some way,” Mr. Simon said. “It’s just a new way of life we’re not used to. I crave that personal relationship that I can build with my students. For example instead of talking over Zoom, I’d probably be fist-bumping you in class and asking you how your weekend went. Building relationships has been the number one toughest thing that has been compromised during COVID.”

Like Mr. Simon, Connor has experienced the problems of the pandemic in 2020 but has high hopes that things will improve in 2021. 

“I hope that people realize what we need to do to get back to normal, and hopeful by the end of the year we can get back to normal,” Connor said. 

Students aren’t the only ones with hopes and goals in 2021, Mr. Simon has his own goals he would like to accomplish. 

“I need to get better organized, I want to get grades back faster to you guys,” Mr. Simon said. “I want to do a little bit more with my time than just sit around. I burned a lot of time last year. I had all this extra time that I could be doing something useful.”

Elijah Beverly also shares his goals for the future as he will graduate high school this year and go on to college. 

“I am looking forward to what’s to come in 2021, specifically continuing my education and soccer career in college,” Elijah said. 

2020 was definitely a different year compared to the previous ones; however, as we enter 2021, the Jesuit community continues to strive for its hopes and goals.