Jesuit High School to host Pingpong Tournament for students

After hosting a seemingly successful NBA2K Tournament a few weeks ago, Jesuit High School Sacramento is getting ready to hold its second Spirit Activity of the semester, a pingpong tournament on Wednesday, Feb. 3. 

The event will last from noon to 3 p.m. and students who attend can purchase lunch from Nopalitos and Smoothie Patrol. To keep everyone safe, only students who screened negative for COVID-19 on Monday Feb. 1 can participate. 

Senior Big Brothers can have lunch with their Little Brothers prior to the start of the Pingpong Tournament. The Marauder Cove will also be open during the Spirit Activity for any students who want to purchase Jesuit logo wear and swag.

According to Activities Coordinator Jack Tilton ’21, the idea for a pingpong tournament came about as the game has become a popular activity for students in the morning before school and during their flex periods. 

“We’ve noticed at each flex and at the 2k tournament pingpong was popular and a lot of guys were enjoying it, so we put it in the pool of ideas we had and it was clear it was the best idea we had because of the attention it has in the Jesuit Community,” Jack said. “We learned from the last event and are stepping it up with this one. The pingpong tournament was the obvious choice for the next event because of how many people enjoy it at the moment and I look forward to seeing how it plays out.” 

The tournament is also an effort to bring a sense of normalcy to students’ lives while also following COVID-19 restrictions to keep a safe environment.

“Well we are just doing our best to work with the restrictions we have,” said Intramurals Commissioner Andrew Gannaway ’21. “Our goal right now is to make school as normal as possible so having events like this are important to that for sure. We want to give people opportunities to socialize with each other and participate in fun activities like 2k or pingpong, while simultaneously staying safe and staying healthy.”

There are high hopes for the tournament to bring together the Jesuit brotherhood and for students to have a good time together during these hard times.

“I’ve got big expectations for the pingpong tournament,” Jack said. “A lot of guys are excited and looking forward to it and there’s been a lot of hype around it. This and 2k will most definitely bring the community together. From what I’ve seen a lot of people look forward to both and have been excited to be able to come together and enjoy a day during the pandemic.”

To participate in the Pingpong Tournament, students can register using a link that was sent to their emails. Check-in for lunch and the tournament will be outside the Harris Center.