Re-imagined Open House creates new ways to showcase Jesuit amid pandemic

One of the more notable events Jesuit High School Sacramento hosts each year, Open House is an opportunity for the school to showcase what makes attending the institution “a life-building experience.” But, due the pandemic, the annual gathering of potential students will have a much different look. 

This year’s new format will feature Open House as part of a two-day event on Oct. 17 and 18 called “#FutureMarauder Weekend.” 

The first of the two days (Oct. 17) will be an opportunity for students and their families to explore Jesuit through the safety of their cars. According to the Open House Website, there will be prizes, games, and a glimpse into the school culture.

The second day (Oct. 18) will be completely virtual with an online mass followed by informal Zoom webinars which are taking the place of a traditional open house. Families can join different webinars depending on what they are interested in. 

Director of Admissions & Alumni Relations Mr. Matthew Ramos ’05 hopes that prospective students will see Jesuit for its benefits going beyond academics. 

“I want future Marauders to know that Jesuit is more than an institution or high school,” Mr. Ramos said. “We are a community. A community that supports and celebrates in the good times and the bad. I want Future Marauders to know that we want them to be a part of our community and to carry on the legacy of Jesuit High School.”

The planning for the new-look event wasn’t easy. The procedures required copious deliberation and President of Jesuit High School Father John McGarry S.J. notes that the final plan is in large part due to Mr. Ramos’ ingenuity.

“Like everything else in these COVID-19 times, we’ve had to get very creative since we cannot have an in-person open house,” Fr. McGarry said. “I commend our Director of Admissions Matthew Ramos ’05 for his creativity and his energy.” 

Despite the radical changes to the Open House format, Principal Dr. Michael Wood ’99 is confident that future Marauders will be able to walk away with a clear picture of what Jesuit stands for.

“We want to help families make the best choice on where they want to send their sons for high school and we want to do whatever we can to share with them who we are and what we do,” Dr. Wood said. “It’s gonna be tricky, but Mr. Ramos is amazing. He does not see this as a challenge, he just sees it as ‘I’ll do it.’” 

Whether you know you will be applying to Jesuit or just want to see what the school is all about, be sure to attend #FutureMarauder Weekend on Oct. 17-18.