Students elect class leaders

After a little less than a month of digitally learning, Jesuit High School Sacramento students elected their class leaders on Wednesday, Sept 16.

While the 2021, 2022, and 2023 class elections were supposed to take place toward the end of last school year, Jesuit pushed them back to this year due to COVID-19. The school opted to still hold the election for the Executive Council, which governs the entire student body, last spring as regularly scheduled.

For the senior class, Will Segale ’21 was elected president; Campbell Carter ’21, secretary/treasurer; Antonio Scanzano ’21, Cash Taylor ’21, Matt Bettencourt ’21 were selected to be senators; and Luke Gini ’21, a cheerleader.

JP Leatherby ’22 was voted to be junior class president; Christian Covert ’22, secretary/treasurer, William Cazneaux ’22 and Aiden Taylor ’22 were chosen to be senators; and Ethan Smith ’22, a cheerleader.

Jake Swanson ’23 won sophomore class president; Charles Sander ’23, secretary/treasurer; and Nick Bruce ’23 and Mason Drake ’23 will serve as senators.

Caleb Hall ’24 will be freshman class president; Colin Davey ’24, secretary/treasurer; and Chris Rotelli ’24, and Drew Vassar ’24 are to be the senators.

Newly elected Senior Class President Will Segale believes that under his leadership, the 2020-2021 school year will be great.

“Jesuit seniors can expect a president who will stop at nothing in order to deliver a great year for his classmates,” Will said. “I think I’m suited for this job because I’m well rounded. From football, to drama, to mathletes, I have friends in all areas at Jesuit and always know what’s going on at Jesuit.”

Even though some of his classmates don’t know him yet, Freshman Class President Caleb Hall ’24, brother of Executive Council Vice President Jake Hall ’21, wants his fellow freshmen to know that he has what it takes to be a good class president.

“I’m a leader and I’m positive,” Caleb said. “I will always want people to look on the positive side of things and I am a leader because I help other people out with things they need. The students can expect me to represent them as their president and help them if they have any questions with school or anything like that.”

Something that seems somewhat unique to Jesuit is the election of cheerleaders. The head cheerleader, Ryan Huggins ’21, was already selected in the Executive Council elections, but the Class of 2021 and 2022 picked two students to also be cheerleaders.

One of the students selected, Ethan Smith, defined what it means to be a good cheerleader.

“There’s two qualities that a good cheerleader should have,” Ethan said. “One is the ability to be a strong leader. This includes knowing the people you’re leading and knowing your end goal for that group. For us, that’s to catch the dub, and to get everyone on board. The second thing a cheerleader needs to do is to be able to work alongside others in achieving a goal. One person can’t bring a win through, but a whole school can.”

While it’s unclear what role these class officials will have during the digital learning age, Will Segale remains determined to do his best.

“I think COVID-19 will create some obstacles,” Will said. “My sole purpose is to make our last year great and with COVID-19 that will be a challenge. Spirit week, sporting games, and after school activities will look a lot different this year due to the pandemic. My goal is that despite this pandemic, I can help create great memories for my classmates. Luckily, the [executive] council is full of terrific guys who have a lot of ideas and plans already to make this school year great. I have no doubt that with their help, we will be successful and make this year of Jesuit as great, if not greater, than years past.”

Regardless of when on-campus learning resumes, students have a new set of leaders who will work to make the 2020-2021 school year, one to remember.