Promoting our ideals

Looking around the expansive campus of Jesuit High School, students might notice the new signs that decorate the campus, promoting Jesuit’s ideals and identifying specific locations. 

Many of the signs articulate the ideal characteristics of a Jesuit graduate at graduation. The school hopes that in their four years at Jesuit, students will grow into more loving, religious, intellectually competent young men who are open to growth and committed to doing justice — in short, that Jesuit graduates see themselves as leaders and, most importantly, are “Men For Others.

Jesuit Principal Mr. Michael Wood ’99 appreciates the signs and think they are significant to the continued excellence of the school.

“When you put a sign up somewhere, you are saying that those ideals are important to you, and we want to advertise to people what matters at Jesuit High School, and when you see that, we want you to think of Jesuit High School,” said Mr. Wood.

These signs not only positively affect the faculty and parents but also influence the students.

When the students see these signs, they are proud of their high school and all of its values and become more aware of the values of Jesuit.

“The signs subconsciously remind students of the values of Jesuit,” said Cole Barrett ’20.

Jesuit President Fr. John McGarry, S.J., explains the several reasons for the signs and how they help people discover the meaning of Jesuit.

“It is all part of branding, marketing, and campus beautification,” Fr. McGarry said. “The pole banners are part of our larger renewed marketing, communications, and branding efforts that we have been engaging in over the last year.”

If you haven’t noticed the signs yet, take a look, and reflect on how you are living these values in your own life as a Jesuit student.