“Mr. Worldwide”

Amongst being a world traveller and skilled mathematician, Mr. Nicholas Llanos has come to Jesuit High School to bring his active yet relaxed teaching style to the school.

After teaching Integrated Math at Grant High School, Mr. Llanos became dissatisfied with the personal interaction with the district, causing him to look for opportunities elsewhere.

“There’s a lot more positivity from staff [at Jesuit],” Mr. Llanos said. “When I saw a job opening and I applied for it, I came, and I met Principal Wood, and I met Ms. Brown and other faculty, and they were really proud of the school.”

Mr. Llanos’ enthusiasm has indeed made an impression on the staff at Jesuit, and they are very pleased to have him here.

“We were super excited to hire him,” said Ms. Brown, head of the math department. “He has a great background in mathematics, and he brings a lot of energy, a lot of commitment, and a lot of knowledge to the post.”

The energy Mr. Llanos has brought to the classroom has also made a positive impression on students, who enjoy his active teaching approach and entertaining stories.

“Mr. Llanos is a great teacher,” said Jacob McKenzie ’20. “He’s very personable. He has a lot of good stories about travelling, and it seems like he has a lot of life advice.”

Outside of expanding his knowledge of math, Mr. Llanos has also taken time out of his life to explore much of the world. Besides sightseeing, he took the time to immerse himself in the cultures and extend his teaching knowledge.

“I saved a little bit of money, and I traveled to Peru, and that really opened up my yearning to travel and get out there a lot more,” Mr. Llanos said. “Since then, I’ve traveled to Europe on vacation on three different occasions, and I’ve been to Asia and have lived there for a number of years.”

Having a strong mastery of mathematics and a personal passion for teaching students, Mr. Llanos will continue his journey here at Jesuit High School.